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Why South Hive?

Inside each of us is a talented and creative individual with a unique purpose. Yet many of us never unleash our true full potential. Whist there is a tendency to believe what holds most people back is a lack of talent, direction motivation or effort, research has found that there is a significantly more dominant factor – our environment.

Whilst personal characteristics certainly matter, environment is the subtle but powerful hand that shapes human behavior. People who stick to positive habits with ease are often benefitting from an environment that encourages and fosters those behaviors.  


South Hive was born in response to the need to provide a stimulating environment that motivates and empowers small business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs and high-growth teams to #getinflow.


Your work space needs to excite and energize you.  It needs to embrace the importance of being human.  Every element of our office design including our industrial-style, use of in-door plants, the abundance of natural light,  the color scheme, music, art work, furniture and minimalist design has been developed with this purpose in mind. We believe in investing in spaces where people want to be so that business owners, employees and clients feel more engaged, productive, happy and healthy.

A good work environment embraces diversity and creates connectivity and collaboration which naturally drives productivity, efficiency, and excitement. In our fast paced digital world we too often feel disconnected and overwhelmed. South Hive encourages members to interact and reconnect with one another which is more important now than ever.  By connecting and sharing ideas with like-minded individuals at South Hive we can not only leverage our businesses, find efficiencies and grow together but find that perfect balance between working and truly living.   

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you #getinflow.


It doesn’t get much better than this in the heart of South Melbourne village a hop, skip and a jump to South Melbourne Market and the light rail.  


100 metres from South Melbourne Market

5 minutes drive to the Melbourne CBD

Light rail, tram and bus are all just a short walk away


The Founders

Alex and I had been working from home and out of cafés for over 5 years.  Having left my corporate job in the city, the first 12 months working from home was a novelty but the initial glamour and convenience of working in ugg boots and putting the washing out in between calls and emails was quickly replaced with feelings of isolation, boredom and being over worked, with a severe lack of work life separation.  Being constantly immersed in work and my “to do list” didn’t feel healthy.  I was beginning to feel like I was missing out on the camaraderie that stems from working with other people and feeling connected. Finding the right café with high speed internet, a comfortable chair, access to a power point and not too busy or noisy also had its challenges. Alex and I knew that we needed more from our work place and so South Hive was born.

We hope you enjoy working here as much as we do and can't wait to meet you.     

- Jen


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